5 Reasons to Attend Singularity University Thailand Summit

With endless possibilities of media consumption, billions of videos to watch and various conferences to attend, what makes "Singularity University Thailand Summit" an opportunity of a lifetime? Join us to find out.

Singularity University Thailand Summit will explore exponential technologies to inspire implications meaningful to you, and showcase cutting-edge technologies taking place right here in Bangkok.

If you are a C-Level personnel, policymaker, government staff, aspiring innovators, or an ambitious top level manager, we look forward to welcoming you at Singularity University Thailand Summit on 19-20 June, 2018 at InterContinental Hotel Bangkok. Let’s solve the world’s greatest challenges together!

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How well we are going to thrive socially and economically depends on how well we are able to leverage and develop exponential technologies in the next decade. Let's understand, adapt and thrive in an exponentially changing world.


Our speakers have individual areas of expertise with which they are passionate. They are enthusiastic to give you the knowledge and insight necessary to compete today and tomorrow. You will learn about Artificial Intelligence – but it is not a computing conference. You will learn about digital healthcare – but it is not a health conference. We expect you to come away from the summit with nothing less than an understanding of a total paradigm shift about where we have come, where we are going, and what is possible.

Our speakers include:

  • John Hagel; Management consultant, corporate innovator, author, speaker and entrepreneur with 35 years experience.
  • Daniel Kraft; Stanford and Harvard trained physician-scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, and innovator with over 25 years of experience in clinical practice.
  • Mandy Simpson; Chief Executive of Wellington based consultancy Cyber Toa. And many more!


When you have an amazing idea, sometimes you should not keep it to yourself, because someone may also want to hear it and exchange their own with you. We are hosting a platform that will offer ample opportunity to meet with business owners from various industries.


No need to wait until exponential technologies completely disrupt your life and businesses. Know first, move first and grow first. It's your turn to be exceptional, and to make your own exponential growth through the knowledge we will fully provide you with at this summit.


Build great connections with hundreds of C-Level personnel, talent innovators, policymakers and top level managers-to-be in Asia. Who knows? You may discover a potential business partner with whom you could join forces with to take innovation to a different level.