The Federation of Thai Industries to Host “Exponential Manufacturing Thailand 2019” Summit

The Federation of Thai Industries has announced it will host the “Exponential Manufacturing Thailand 2019” summit to transform the industrial enterprises in Thailand in a significant way and for the first time in Southeast Asia, in cooperation with Singularity University (SU), the acclaimed collectives of thinkers and innovators from Sillicon Valley, USA that focuses on overcoming the industrial growth traps through the use of innovations and technology. The “Exponential Manufacturing Thailand 2019” summit is the first national agenda that can initiate exponential growth and development among businesses in the industrial sector. It also aims to push forward Thai industries to be able to compete with the global market and sustainably develop its economy, society, and environment. The summit is to be held on May 15-16, 2019 at the InterContinental Bangkok.

“Due to the influence of changes in disruptive and exponential innovations and technology in every manufacturing industry, it is important for the industrial enterprises to immensely adapt themselves to catch up with this trend in order to enhance their manufacturing efficiency. They are encouraged to apply innovations and technology to elevate and sustain their capability and competition in the industrial sector. Apparently, many industries have exploited more automation or even robots in their production,” said Mr. Supant Mongkolsuthree, Chairman of the Federation of Thai Industries.

“As the center of Thai indusries that connects the public and private sectors, which are mainly composed of SMEs, domestically and internatinally, the Federation of Thai Industries realizes the need for the industrial sector to be aware of the evolving innovations and technology in the coming future. To this end, the F.T.I. is hosting the “Exponential Manufacturing Thailand 2019” on May 15-16, 2019 to stress its Industry Transformation Policy which focuses on the development and transformation of the industrial sector through the use of innovaitons and technology. Over 15 globally renowned speakers with expertises in the related fields have been invited to share their ideas and experiences on various topics including innovations and technology in manufacturing, artificial intelligence, energy, and environment. Now is the time for Thailand to open up the mind and learn about the change which can be a good opportunity to foresee the visions and directions of the industry in the future to increase Thai industry potential to meet the international standard.

Most importantly, I am confident that this summit will trigger significant changes both in the public and private sectors. Also, the members of the F.T.I. can adapt and apply what they learn to their own industry. All in all, the F.T.I. and other sponsors hope that the summit will bring about the collaboration among Thai industries to strongly and sustainably attain exponential growth as expected.

Over 1,000 participants including top executives from both public and private sectors, young entrepreneurs, and business people worldwide are attending this two-day summit that will focus on technological advancements and groundbreaking innovations which play a role in the exponential changes of our industry. Having top innovative experts and leaders from Singularity University, Silicon Valley present to share their experiences and ideas is truly the highlight of the “Exponential Manufacturing Thailand 2019”, concluded Mr. Supant.

Mr. Chaiwat Kovavisarach, President and Chief Executive Officer of Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited, and Vice Presient of the Federation of Thai Industries said, “Technology has become critical in moving our industries forward from mass production to the next step of global competition. Developed countries such as the United States attach great importance to this matter. They have coined the term ‘Singularity,” which is a theory stating that artificial intelligence will become smarter than humans, and all the advancements will reflect exponential growth. As a result, Singularity University at the Silicon Valley Corporation to predict and follow up on such advancements in related fields and in every profession and industry, and to exchange that information to improve and adjust itself to the constantly changing world situations. Previously, the said information sharing events would be held in the United Stated exclusively for top executives who had to spend over 7 figures to participate. However, today the F.T.I. has brought the experts of Singularity University from all over the world to meet and share their experiences with us on the topic of Exponential Manufacturing right here in Bangkok. I believe that this is a good opportunity for our industrial operators to join the event and open our mind and eyes to this new trend together.

The “Exponential Manufacturing Thailand 2019” summit is sponsored by many leading national and international organizations, such as Siam Commercial Bank, Bangchak Corporation, CP Group, Energy Absolute, Indorama Ventures, True Corporaton, BJC, CISCO, Depa, Frasers Property, IRPC, PTT, SET, Sigha Corporation and Synnex (Thailand).

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